New Year’s West

ok, so yep, that header photo at the top of our blog is the bridge between the library parking lot and some municipal offices. it was as cold there as it looks, on the bridge. it’s over Boulder Creek, and it was full of geese flapping and moving and squawking to keep warm.

letting go of 2017: whoever set up Time so that it passes was a genius. one of the worst years of recent times has passed into history. i’m thankful for that. it wasn’t my own personal worst year, there have been several of those. it’s been a terribly sad year in terms of relationships lost to the divisions of the last couple of political years. i think that these are not political divisions. i think that these are values divisions. the terribly sad part is that political divisions are easy to bridge. values divisions are nearly impossible to bridge. so i end 2017 with less family, fewer friends, and a resolve to fight for what i was raised to know is right and just.

moving into 2018: i’m joining my sister in spending only for what i need this year: the necessities of living, and the inevitable expenses of growing a business. i am guided by those who came before me – some of the huddled masses who arrived in this country just yesterday with nothing but drive and ingenuity and a willingness to do what needed to be done. i have studied my family’s genealogy extensively, and i have photos and histories of the difficulties that many experienced in leaving their homes to start over in a foreign land. their stories are my stories. ironically their stories and photos guide me in my disengagement from people i thought i knew and whose values i thought i shared, and they give me hope that i can help to grow something out of kindness and compassion in the face of the ugliness that this year has uncovered. they are my guidance through this new foreign land of my country.

i'm the grumpy one. everything bugs me until i understand it. i was told once that i have a mind like a junkyard. this is true.

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