About the Stern Sisters

Our name is not Stern. But…

Mb here. Not entirely stern, only in the company of a certain sister.

I am an overachieving educator/director/musician from southern NH. I live, breathe, and am consumed with the human voice in its myriad forms, and with music teaching (private in-home studio and online voice and piano lessons for ages 6 and up). There is NO reason you should not excel at accessing and owning our unique voice, be it speaking, singing, or discovering one’s vocation through finding your unique voice. I direct a church choir, a community choir, a hospice choir, a social justice choir, a small college chorus, and lead workshops in addition to teaching privately. I have spent a lifetime synthesizing my voice, vocation, and livelihood, creating avenues to assist others in doing the same. If you’re curious, check out my websites. www.voicingscamp.com   www.tworiverschoir.org

And…2018 finds me delving deeper into sound healing, assisting others in finding their Fundamentally Harmonic selves, to blogging with my Stern Sister, and traveling and leading Voicings Adventure Singing Camp. Curious…check out my websites. Sing with you soon!